Reasonable points to consider when you are going to create your professional blog

The professional blog is a good way to :

  1. share valuable content to others from your field of expertise
  2. connect with other professionals who work on similar problems
  3. share ideas and expertise

I personally use feedly to subscribe and read lots of other programmers articles. There are priceless blogs in the net like :

  1. Troy Hunts blog
  2. Martin Fowlers blog
  3. Rowan Millers blog
  4. and many many more…

What I believe one should post on his blog? Post about “things” that you have :

  1. encountered as a problem to solve or came up with an interesting scenario
  2. done extensive search about it
  3. not found anything suitable as a solution or ready as a whole to this date
  4. produced as real solution from which other developers can profit

All the above mentioned blogs are of that type. This is why they are so valued among developers – they give real professional value to everybody.