Azure Powershell

A script to export sql azure databases.

My context for the script in this case.

  1. A bug from the client is reported. A bug that does not cause exception at the back-end nor at the front-end – The font-end simply stops. It does not even freeze. So you do not have any log for this case. Now you are in check ( chess check ).
  2. You need to dump the database from the staging environment ( NO! Not the production! )

The possible solutions :

  1. Go to azure portal and export all the databases needed by hand – click-click-click….a lot.
  2. Make a powershell script and do it really quick. This helps a lot when you do it more then once.

The script :


Operation could destabilize the runtime + VerificationException comming from Azure Web Role + Intelli Trace + Castle Windsor (or Something Yours)

“Operation could destabilize the runtime”. Have you got this error after publishing your working-and-tested-in-cloud-emulator-web-app to Azure web role? Me too.