A script to export sql azure databases.

My context for the script in this case.

  1. A bug from the client is reported. A bug that does not cause exception at the back-end nor at the front-end – The font-end simply stops. It does not even freeze. So you do not have any log for this case. Now you are in check ( chess check ).
  2. You need to dump the database from the staging environment ( NO! Not the production! )

The possible solutions :

  1. Go to azure portal and export all the databases needed by hand – click-click-click….a lot.
  2. Make a powershell script and do it really quick. This helps a lot when you do it more then once.

The script :

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Logging Entity Framework 6 queries to Azure Tables

I wrote about Semantic Logging (SL) in MVC and after watching Rowan Miller`s video from Tech Ed 2014 I decided to implement logging Entity Framework 6 queries to Azure Tables with EventSource (aka Semantic Logging / Structured Logging).


Motivation for logging Entity Framework 6 queries to Azure Tables

By MHO the motivation behind every logging system must include :

  1. Finding and removing bugs which improves QoS and reduces Dev/Ops time to resolve an issue.
  2. Good structured log which enables a less proficient programmers to solve the problem. Better support devs => higher ops. costs.
  3. Proactive response – get into action long before the client gets to you. Or even better – you call the client first.
  4. Measuring and optimizing performance of your app. As Mark Simms and Chris Clayton say that “premature optimization is the root of all evil.” is not so relevant when designing clod apps.

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